Areas of Practice

We provide a comprehensive suite of intellectual property and technology law services to clients including the following: preparing, filing, and prosecuting patent and trademark applications and maintaining registrations with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, coordinating foreign patent and trademark protection by working with local associates in various foreign countries to represent clients' intellectual property rights through the examination offices of those various foreign countries.  We also advise and counsel clients on intellectual property protection and portfolio management strategies as well as strategic decisions for licensing and monetizing their intellectual property.  In addition, we structure and negotiate various types of technology transactions and prepare licensing, technology transfer, sponsored research, non-disclosure, consulting and other related agreements.  The list below highlights only a portion of our expertise. 

All phases of securing national patent and trademark rights with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including:  

  • conducting trademark clearance or patent prior art searches;

  • preparing and filing applications and navigating these applications through the examination process conducted by the USPTO, such as responding to office actions and conducting interviews with patent examiners;

  • maintaining national patent and trademark rights with the proper documentation and/or maintenance fees.


Foreign patent and trademark protection, including:

  • preparing and filing PCT applications and coordinating national phase entry of patent applications in multiple countries throughout the world; 

  • preparing and filing trademark applications in different countries under the Paris Convention and Madrid Protocol;   

  • working with foreign associates to best represent clients’ intellectual property rights through the examination offices of various foreign countries.            

Counseling clients about strategic decisions for licensing, managing and monetizing their IP portfolios.

Negotiating and preparing license agreements, technology transfer agreements, sponsored research agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Advising clients about many aspects of Internet law, including:

  • key concerns for starting a business;

  • online domain name disputes;

  • “business method” patents;

  • use and/or protection of trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets and copyrighted material online, such as the implications of using trademarks in websites, meta-tags or keywords, and the implications of reproducing, distributing or downloading copyrighted work.